I found these through a friend and love them. Great for a ‘sweet treat’ if you can fit them in (keto diet). 
I have been trying these out the past few months after a recommendation from my friend. I am not sure if they’ll fit into everyone’s macros, but they are quite tasty!
Honestly I love all the flavours but the orange poppyseed is so good! Tastes like eat orange poppyseed cake.

I LOVE these biscuits! They taste great and have definitely helped me lose 15kilos. They really help curb any sugar cravings and keep you full. Very handy to pop in the car or your bag too and great for travel.

Best thing I have found for cravings (especially late night cravings), They taste so good! So glad I found these! Thank you.

Ordered a sample for the first time – delicious! Lovely with a cuppa – will be ordering more.

Loved the sample box but the chocolate ones my favourite for my treat. As a shift worker great for morning/afternoon tea & know they are healthy choice.

Love them; they satisfy a sweet craving but aren’t full of rubbish. Tasty, great portion size and very satisfying.

These biscuits have really helped me reduce my sugar intake and i still feel like i am getting a treat. They are perfect for a snack or after dinner. They keep me full for a long time. I take them everywhere – work, long drives, all day trips etc. They feel like they have been made with a lot of love and care. Great service and super quick delivery. They have become a staple for me. Absolutley love them!

These are a fantastic product. I’m a recovering protein bar addict, but these fit my diet and are a much better investment without all the additives and artificial sweeteners. The packaging is great for portion control and I love all the flavours. I’m so glad I found this product.

I kind of stumbled upon these cookies and am very glad that I did. The flavour and texture is amazing and the 2 cookies per pack is also enough. I have them for breakfast as I do not want to eat so much bread and are a wonderful alternative. I would highly recommend these cookies to anyone who is wanting just something different.

This Orange and Poppyseed biscuit is very delicious and is now my all time fave. This is my go to snack and goes pretty well with tea.

I’m really loving the skinny bikkies with my afternoon coffee. They really help curb my sugar cravings, especially at work when the arvo munchies kick-in. I was surprised how they kept me full, are really delicious and soft, but not overly / sickly sweet tasting. The choc chip and orange poppyseed are my fave – so much so I’ve even gotten my parents onto them as a healthy alternative to traditional biscuits.

I have a massive sweet tooth and really struggle to control myself when it comes to treats. Skinnybiks have been a godsend: they are low in kilojoules and taste amazing! I really look forward to having my two bikkies after dinner every night. Thank you!

Delicious chocolate biscuits. So tasty and also healthy only 100 calories. If you love your chocolate, I highly recommend you to try the biscuits.

These biscuits are delicious and packed full of lupin to help bust hunger. They have really helped me when i have been craving a sweet afternoon snack!

These biscuits are tasty and really stop you feeling hungry. A great alternative for an afternoon snack. Highly recommend them as an alternative and see the results!!!

I love this product. The flavour and texture of these cookies are amazing. A great breakfast idea and they keep you full. A definite recommendation.

These date & butterscotch cookies are delicious and taste just like pancakes with maple syrup. A tasty and healthy alternative to breakfast biscuits or any other high carb snack. Definitely worth it, give them a try!

I have tried all of the delicious flavours of the Skinnybik biscuits but as a chocolate fan, these are my favourite. They have really helped me to stay away from cakes and muffins and other nasty high carb snacks. What a lifesaver! I would recommend to try them.


Luxury biscuit snack for everyday, bringing some happiness to my long term weight loss journey. Low in sugar and calories, perfect to carry in my handbag & compliments a coffee when out and about. Just bought myself another mixed box.

Our family uses Skinnybiks for a mid morning or afternoon snack with a drink. The bikkies are very nutritious, tasty and filling. They have excellent ingredients, and no sugar. We are so pleased to have found these excellent products. Definitely an ongoing purchase for us.

I originally bought these for my Mum who is a type 2 diabetic with insulin. Upon tasting, I was addicted!! Perfect for having with my morning coffee and when I feel a bit hungry throughout the day, I don’t feel guilty about my lovely chocolate treat. Highly recommended, very easy to order and receive in a couple of days. Definitely worth a try, you won’t be disappointed!

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