Delicious, Wholesome & Nutritious

Low carb bikkies

2 bikkies contains
98 cal | 4.8g carbs | 1.8g sugar | 5g protein | 5g fibre

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Need a healthy, delicious snack or breakfast-on-the-run
you can feel good about?

Hunger Busting

Thanks to lupin, fibre and protein

Slow Release Energy

Thanks to lupin, fibre, and low carbs

Gut Friendly

Thanks to lupin, nuts, whole grains, dried fruit, and cocoa!

Lose Weight With Skinnybik

Voted Australia’s Healthiest biscuits!

Featured in Australia’s Healthy Food Guide

Featured on the Nutrition Couch podcast

Our Story

“I developed Skinnybik for my patients to help them eat healthier sweet snacks whilst trying to manage their weight and diabetes. The novel recipe has been university tested and found to reduce hunger and have little impact on blood sugars. Many of my patients have had great results

– Assoc. Professor Antigone Kouris PhD, APD, AN

The Power of Skinnybik

Enriched with hunger busting lupin and other wholefood ingredients, Skinnybik are bursting with natural plant protein, are a good source of fibre and prebiotics with only 5g carbs, less than 2g sugar and less than 99 calories per 2 biscuit serving. Top that off with a 5 star health food rating, making Skinnybik Australia’s healthiest biscuit!

Made in Australia

Delicious soft chewy dense texture

Wholesome nutritious ingredients

Help keep you fuller for longer

Skinny in calories, sugar, carbs and bad fats

GMO free ingredients

Source of plant protein

Good source of fibre and prebiotics

No artificial or laxative sweeteners

No artificial colours, flavours & preservatives

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Skinnybik are suitable for*…

  • Daily Use

  • Breakfast

  • Snacks

  • Weight Management
  • Blood glucose management (clinically trialled)

  • Gut health

Learn more about how Skinnybik can work for you in our FAQs

*Please check with your health care professional if unsure about whether Skinnybik are suitable for you, see our disclaimer for more.

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What our customers are saying

I have been purchasing Skinnybik for quite sometime now. I am so happy to have found such a healthy snack. Nothing else in the market place compares to the healthy profile of these biscuits, plus they are so enjoyable to eat. My favourite is the Chocolate, closely followed by Cranberry and Coconut, but I also enjoy every flavour. I need to watch my cholesterol and sugar levels and Skinnybik are perfect for this.

Also, I make an effort to eat high fibre foods and once again, Skinnybik fits the bill. Nothing is more enjoyable and satisfying than sitting down with a cuppa and Skinnybik. I highly recommend these biscuits and I am very thankful to Dr. Kouris for all her research and hard work to bring Skinnybik to us, the consumers.

Sue White

A huge thank you to Dr. Kouris for developing the Skinnybik. They are amazing. When I feel a slight hunger pang, I eat just 1 of these little heart shaped treats to satisfy my hunger. On my eating plan, I can eat 4/day without guilt (How good is that folks!). My favorite flavors are Choc-chip and Cranberry spice. Skinnybik definitely has my recommendation.

Judy Burns

Thanks so much A/Prof Antigone Kouris for having developed these cookies. It’s such a relief to be able to prescribe a healthier discretionary food when, as you say, people are accustomed to having a biscuit with their cuppa and you can’t change that! So, a BIG thanks to you!

Rosemarie Brown, Home Economist specialising in Nutrition

I was intruduced to Skinnybik when I started my diet with Dr. Kouris. These little live heart shaped treats literally has stolen my heart. When I needed a naughty snack one Skinnybik fixed my craving. Now I am 8 kilos lighter. And I couldn’t have achieved this without Skinnybik. My favourite flavours are chocolate chip and butterscotch. I highly recommend to everyone . Thanks so much Dr. Kouris.

Hande Mert

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