1. Eat less red meat

    1-2  times a week 150g cooked (200g raw); prefer stews and cook in tomato salsa where possible

  2. Eat less chicken
    1-2 times a week 150g cooked (200g raw); prefer stews in tomato salsa 

  3. Eat moderate amounts of fish
    1-2 times a week  150g cooked or 200g raw 

  4. Eat 4-6 eggs a week 

  5. Eat more legumes

    lentils, beans, lupin) as meals and snacks at least twice a week as a meal in place of meat/chicken/fish
    1 cup cooked legumes or 170g tofu e.g lentil soup (cook in tomato salsa where possible);
    daily as a snack or side dish e.g Skinnybik lupin biscuits, roasted chickpeas/fava beans, lupin beans in brine, edamame soy beans, hummus, bean salad, dahl

  6. Eat more fermented foods daily, at least 2 serves

    1 serve is 60g feta cheese, 100g cottage, 40g yellow cheese or 200g “probiotic” yoghurt

  7. Eat more vegetables  at least ½  plate salad/vegies daily

    especially dark leafy greens like silverbeet, “horta”( endives, chickory), mustard/Chinese greens, kale, spinach
    dress vegies/salad with lemon or vinegar, herbs, spices and EV olive oil
    cook veg in tomato salsa/onion/garlic/herbs/spices/EV olive oil where possible
    include starchy veggies like potatoes (including sweet) (limit to 100g cooked few times a week if on low carb diet; reheated potatoes are better for you); 

  8. Eat more fruit 2 serves per day

    (or 1 daily, preferably berries  if on low carb diet)

  9. Eat handful mixed nuts daily

  10. Eat 1-2 tablespoons of seeds daily

    e.g pepitas, sunflower seeds, tahini 

  11. Eat more whole grains

    (prefer sourdough grainy bread)
    4 serves a day (but if following a low carb diet limit to 2 serves per day
    1 serve is 1 slice wholemeal grain bread, ½ cup cooked pearl barley or oats or brown/black rice  or wholemeal pasta, buckwheat, quinoa or teff (reheated rice/pasta is better for you)

  12. Eat 2-4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil daily

    use in cooking and on salads; olive oil is best eaten uncooked but it is still very safe to eat after cooking/frying (low carcinogens) unlike other vegetable oils

  13. Use more herbs, spices, lemon, vinegar

    (especially garlic, oregano, rosemary, cumin, paprika, cinnamon, all spice, dill, parsleyx)