Black beans are the highest in antioxidants followed by lentils
(esp black, green/puy lentils) and then kidney beans and lupins.
Split peas have the lowest antioxidants.

Haricot beans highest in calcium  132mg per cup (200g cooked)

Compared to other pulses, lentils are highest in iron – esp black and red lentils (see below).  1 cup cooked red lentils has 6mg iron,
1 cup canned chickpeas has 3.3 mg

Resistant starch and fibre
Lentils are high in resistant starch which is fermented by good gut bacteria. This helps to lower the glycaemic index of lentils to 29! Lentils are also known to cause a second meal effect.

Phytic acid (or inositol hexaphosphate)
Lentils contain low amounts phytic acid which can bind minerals. Other legumes, especially soy, are much higher in phytic acid.  Lupins don’t have phytic acid. Soaking and sprouting can remove phytic acid. However phytic acid is also good for us.  It is converted to myoinositol in the body which can improve insulin sensitivity and therefore blood glucose.

Lupins are the king of all legumes because they have 2-3 times more protein and fibre (except soy), have the lowest amount of carbs and the highest amount of magnesium and high levels of antioxidants and prebiotic gut friendly polyphenols. Unlike other legumes, lupins contain all the essential amino acids, they do not contain any antinutritional factors like lectins, saponins, phytic acid, trypsin inhibitors, so the nutrients from lupin are much better absorbed and can therefore be eaten raw!
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Red lentils have more calories per cup cooked (170 vs 110) , carbs (28 vs 18), fibre (7 vs 4), protein (13 vs 9) than Green/French (Puy) lentils

Black (Beluga) lentils are the healthiest – they have the most iron (8mg), protein (26g) fibre (18g) per ½ cup raw.  They also have the most antioxidants (high in anthocyanins also found in other purple/blue foods like berries, eggplant, purple cabbage, red onions, red/purple grapes, red apples etc).

Red/yellow lentils  – are the 2nd highest in iron  6mg,  24g protein 10g fibre per ½ cup raw

Brown lentils  4mg iron, 22g protein 26g fibre per ½ cup raw

Green/French puy – lowest in iron  4mg, protein 20g  fibre 10g per
½ cup raw, but high in antioxidants.
French lentils are also the tastiest of all lentils and have the best texture but cost more.

Please note:  ¼ cup dry lentils makes 1 cup cooked


Protein per cup of cooked legume  
Firm Tofu   – 43g
Soy beans  – 30g
Lupin beans – 30g
Navy beans – 20g
Edamame – 19g
Lentils – 18g
Large white beans – 17g
Adzuki – 17g
Kidney beans – 17g
Cranberry (Roman) beans – 6.5g
Split peas – 16g
Black beans – 1g
Navy beans/Lima beans – 15g
Mung beans – 14g
Black eyed peas – 13g
Broad beans – 13g