Maltodextrin is often added to “no added sugar” foods to replace sugar. 

However, it is a refined carbohydrate with a glycaemic index of over 100 which is much higher than sugar. It also has the same calories as sugar.  So, foods high in maltodextrin can still spike your blood glucose and insulin and potentially cause weight gain, so best avoided by people with diabetes or insulin resistance.  Erythritol and Stevia do not have this effect.

For example No added Sugar chocolate spread has Maltodextrin as the first ingredient which explains why this spread is still high in carbs at 58% despite having nil sugar.

The natural sweetener, maltitol, which is often added to no added sugar products along with maltodextrin, has half the calories of sugar and a lower glycaemic index but if eaten in substantial amounts can also spike blood glucose and insulin and affect weight management.

Maltodextrin can also have an adverse effect on your gut bacteria and maltitol can cause bloating and diarrhoea 

There are low carb foods like Skinnybik low carb bikkies that do not contain maltodextrin or maltitol.