A fascinating study from Israel showing how important timing and composition of meals is for blood glucose regulation and weight loss in people with diabetes.

  1. Skipping breakfast resulted in higher blood sugars after lunch and dinner compared to a high carb breakfast! 
  2. A high carb breakfast resulted in greater weight loss and lower blood sugars through the day than a high carb dinner!
  3. A large breakfast led to lower blood sugars than a large dinner!
  4. A diet of six small meals resulted in less weight loss and higher blood sugars than eating 3 meals a day with breakfast being high carb and dinner being low carb…the latter resulted in greater weight loss and lower glucose excursions through the day!

To summarise, it’s better NOT to skip breakfast, it’s best to have a large breakfast and a small dinner and it’s best to have your carbs in the morning and not at night!



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